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Salem Keizer Immunization Rates

posted Jun 21, 2018, 12:00 PM by Jennifer Denny

Click this link to find out the immunization rates of all Salem Keizer schools.

2018-19 School Supply Lists

posted Jun 20, 2018, 4:27 PM by Jennifer Denny


McKinley School Supply Requested List

**(Grades K-4 share supplies in our rooms:  please send these items unlabeled.)

**Kindergarten (shared supplies)

1 folder, 2 pocket (preferably plastic)

2 packages of 6 glue sticks

1 package of Ticonderoga pencils

1 pink pearl eraser

1 box of Ziploc bags (quart or gallon)

1 box of “fine tip” black dry erase markers

2 boxes of Crayola markers; one fine tip and one regular

2 box of Crayola colored pencils

1 white, 1 inch 3 ring binder

2 boxes Kleenex tissue

Backpack, regular size

**Grade One (shared supplies)

24 Ticonderoga pencils #2

1 safety scissors

1 box of 24 Crayola crayons

2 pink pearl erasers

5 large Elmers glue sticks

10 Fine Line (“skinny”) Crayola markers

10 “fat” Crayola markers

1 box of “fine tip” black dry erase markers

2 boxes facial tissues (120-160 count)

Book bag or backpack


**Grade Two (shared supplies)

2 box facial tissues

1 box of Crayola broad line markers

1 box of Crayola fine line markers

1 package of 5 tab plastic dividers

1 boxes pencils (please only Ticonderoga)

1 box of “fine tip” black dry erase markers

1 pink pearl eraser

2 black Sharpies- 1 skinny, 1 regular

2-3 packages of large glue sticks

Book bag or backpack

**Grade Three (shared supplies)

2 packages lined paper

10+ glue sticks

20+ pencils- Ticonderoga please!

2 pink pearl erasers

2 composition journals

1 package of 24 count crayons

1 package of 12 count colored pencils

2 boxes facial tissues

1 twin pocket folder

Book bag or backpack


**Grade Four (shared supplies)

1 graphic composition book

2 composition books

1 spiral journal

1 paper notebook

4 packs wide-ruled notebook paper

4 ball point pens, good quality, 2 blue & 2 red

1 highlighter

24 pencils

4 erasers

6 glue sticks

1 pair of scissors

1 box of Kleenex

1 box of “fine tip” black dry erase markers

1 small pack of crayons

1 small pack of colored pencils

3 twin pocket folders

1 three-ring binder 2”

1 box markers (optional)

Book bag or backpack


Grade Five

1 package of 12 Crayola colored pencils

1 box of 8 Crayola markers

24 Ticonderoga pencils (#2)

4 ball point pens, good quality, 2 blue & 2 red

2 highlighters (yellow)

4 pink pearl erasers

1 box of “fine tip” black dry erase markers

4 glue sticks (no liquid glue, please)


1 ruler- 12” &  30cm, 1/16” and 1 mm gradation

1 box facial tissue

4 composition notebooks

4 pocket folders

4 packs wide-ruled notebook paper

1 three-ring binder – 3”

Set of dividers for notebook

Pencil pouch for binder

1 Protractor

2 Sharpies- black, fine line

Book bag or backpack



UPDATE: Please, no antibacterial or disinfectant wipes, or hand sanitizer.  We will order these through the district.

Thank You for Saying YES for Our Schools! | ¡Gracias por decir SÍ a nuestras escuelas!

posted Jun 4, 2018, 3:55 PM by Salem Keizer   [ updated Jun 6, 2018, 1:27 PM ]

As we head into summer break, we want to say “Thank you” to our community for approving the 2018 bond! Because of our community’s support, Salem-Keizer Public Schools will be able to make improvements, expansions and/or renovations all across the district. Improvements planned include additional space to serve our community’s growing enrollment as well as expanded career-technical (vocational) spaces, more space for science education, safety and security improvements and seismic safety upgrades.

Five schools are scheduled to begin construction in 2019 – Gubser Elementary School, Judson Middle School, Waldo Middle School, McNary High School and North Salem High School. All work approved under the bond is planned to be finished in about five years. For more information about projects funded by the 2018 bond, click here.

At many schools, construction is likely to take place during the school year. Schools, architects and the district’s bond program management team will work together to minimize disruption of the educational environment caused by construction. However, it’s important for parents, students and staff to be aware that school operations will be different during construction. Our commitment to student safety and success will be unchanged during construction.

We would once again like to extend our appreciation to the Salem-Keizer community for supporting students and schools by approving the 2018 bond!

Antes de partir para las vacaciones de verano, le queremos dar las gracias a nuestra comunidad por ayudar a promulgar el bono del año 2018. Debido al apoyo de nuestra comunidad, las Escuelas Públicas de Salem-Keizer podrán hacer mejoramientos, expansiones y/o renovaciones por todo el distrito.  Los planes para los mejoramientos en las instalaciones incluyen los siguientes: Crear espacios para el aumento de matrícula y también expandir los espacios de educación técnica profesional (vocacional); añadir más espacio para educación de ciencias; mejoramientos a los sistemas de seguridad y actualizaciones de reforzamiento sísmico.

Se ha programado primero a las siguientes cinco escuelas en las cuales se dará comienzo a los proyectos de construcción durante el año 2019: Escuela Primaria Gubser, Escuela Intermedia Judson, Escuela Intermedia Waldo, Escuela Preparatoria McNary y Escuela Preparatoria North Salem.  Se calcula que todo el trabajo planeado bajo el bono será terminado en aproximadamente cinco años. Si desean obtener más información acerca de los proyectos financiados por el bono del año 2018, por favor consulten la página web

En muchas escuelas, puede que la construcción se realice durante el año escolar.  El personal de la escuela, los arquitectos y el equipo de gestión del programa de bono del distrito trabajarán juntos para minimizar las interrupciones por motivo de la construcción en los ambientes educativos.  Sin embargo, es importante que los padres, los estudiantes y el personal estén conscientes de que las operaciones diarias serán diferentes durante la construcción. Nuestro compromiso a velar por la seguridad y el éxito estudiantil no cambiará durante el transcurso de los proyectos de construcción.

De nuevo, nos gustaría extenderle nuestra gratitud a la comunidad de Salem-Keizer, por apoyar a los estudiantes y escuelas al aprobar el bono del año 2018.

McKinley Messages - Last one of 2017-18

posted May 18, 2018, 5:22 PM by Jennifer Denny

Please click the attachment below to view the June Newsletter.

Crossing Guards Needed for 2018-19 School Year....

posted Aug 10, 2017, 1:47 PM by Jennifer Denny   [ updated Jun 21, 2018, 11:04 AM ]

McKinley School is looking for permanent crossing guards for three 30-minute shifts, three in the morning, and one after school.  These are paid school district positions. Morning hours are 8:30-9:00 am; afternoon shift is 3:15-3:45 pm.

If you are interested, please go to the Salem-Keizer School District website at and complete an online crossing guard application for Job C170116. Then contact Jennifer Denny, McKinley Office Manager at 503-399-3167, or send an email to, so we can watch for your application.

If you know someone who is kind, reliable, safety-minded and good with kids, please pass the word!

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